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S. Zachariah Sprackett

Phone: +1-613-265-0860

To secure roles as a Consultant to firms who will benefit from my strengths. These strengths include 15 years professional experience, domain knowledge and expertise in software development practices, software architecture, product development, performance bench-marking, software delivery models, training, developer relations, community building and other organizational enhancements.

  • Experienced leader with a proven track record for building, managing and motivating teams from operations to software developers and sales engineers
  • Experienced practitioner of DevOps workflows both from a tooling and process perspective
  • In-depth Internet and networking expertise including Voice over IP with knowledge of SIP, H323, TCP/IP routing, system administration, web standards including HTML/XHTML/CSS, security and wireless networking
  • Seasoned programmer with experience designing and developing enterprise Internet applications leveraging IP and the World Wide Web using C, C++, Perl, Python, PHP and C# in a Unix / Linux or Windows environment

SugarCRM Inc. Director of Operations - 2011-Current

  • Built out and managed the team responsible for the availability of external facing corporate services, including our SaaS environment Sugar On-Demand during a period of personnel churn
  • Oversaw in-service ground up rebuild of network, hardware and services using repeatable methodologies and processes
  • Provided leadership to the Operations team through an organizational shift by the business which saw Operations move from engineering to finance
  • Implemented best practices for monitoring, sorry-serving and providing customer status that had not previously existed within Sugar
  • Significantly improved performance by building out a much more reliable and performant environment
  • Designed and implemented policies and procedures for certifications including SSAE16 and ISO27001
  • Took leadership responsibility for the Internal Applications group during a period of uncertainty around the group improving its perception by the organization as well as the quality of product it delivers

Geeknet, Inc. Director of Network Operations - 2010-2011

  • Designed and managed network infrastructure and security systems for SourceForge, Slashdot, Freshmeat and Thinkgeek
  • Directly responsible for Network Operations and IT groups
  • Created budgets for IT spending throughout the organization
  • Managed policies and procedures for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and was active in the audit process
  • Successfully brought on two new branch offices and moved corporate headquarters from Mountain View, CA to Fairfax, VA

Sprackett Holdings, Ltd. Senior Consultant - 1999-2010

  • Consulted to a number of clients in architecture and management roles including Geeknet, Sourceforge Inc., Damage Studios, Miso Mobile, Open Source Development Network and E-Smith
  • Designed and developed software based on Linux and Windows
  • Managed network infrastructure and participated in oncall rotation for one of the top 100 visited sites on the Internet
  • Assisted customers in refining their sales process and interfaced directly with their larger accounts
  • Designed and delivered mobile applications for both iPhone and Android
  • Developed interoperability solutions using C# and .Net technology to interface with third party software including Microsoft Office and Project
  • Created and rolled out a single sign on solution for a large enterprise

Mitel Design Prime - Operating Systems - 2006-2008

  • Managed and directed the day to day activities of a team of senior developers
  • Directly responsible for the roadmap and maintenance of the Linux platform used as the base for our entire applications portfolio
  • Involved in the development of the NuPoint Messenger, Mitel Application Suite, Teleworker, Mobile Extension, Advanced Web Conferencing and Linux Call Server product lines
  • Responsible for implementing and managing timelines as well as instituting and documenting development policies
  • Acted as primary liaison with other groups to ensure expectations were set appropriately and then met
  • Successfully designed, prototyped and managed the implementation of highly available, technically complex solutions for internal customers such as a geographically distributed clustering suite
  • Demonstrated the ability to deliver product on time and on budget while managing and reacting to changing requirements

Mitel Senior Sales Engineer - 2001-2004

  • Recruited major accounts and carrier partners
  • Successfully presented solution portfolio to audiences with varied levels of technical expertise
  • Performed business development throughout Asia Pacific region to bring new localized business offices into service
  • Coached and delivered sales and technical training seminars for both internal and external audiences
  • Worked with customers and independent labs supporting field trials and evaluations
  • Acted as liaison to channel customer requirements through product marketing and engineering
  • Developed custom software applications leveraging Mitel technologies to meet customer demands
  • Demonstrated and deployed Voice over IP and data networking solutions
  • Served on the Product Security Task Force

VA Linux Systems Senior Software Engineer - 2000-2001

  • Lead software designer on open source VA Cluster Management (VACM) project
  • Managed a team of software developers
  • Developed embedded applications for low-level hardware management
  • Authored and presented white papers at major technical conferences such as the Ottawa Linux Symposium and LinuxWorld Expo
  • Designed a highly available web server that was used to serve content for the successful web telecast of a Victoria's Secret fashion show

VA Linux Systems Senior Sales Engineer - 1999-2000

  • Assisted Fortune 500 and government agencies in their decision making process
  • Presented solution portfolio to senior management teams
  • Created and managed customer evaluation programs
  • Grew North American sales 500% to a run rate of over 50 million dollars per quarter
  • Delivered pre and post sales expertise in both product and service domains

Corel Computer Corp Software Engineer - 1997-1999

  • Assisted in port of Linux operating system to the ARM CPU based NetWinder
  • Maintained master distribution image as well as build tools
  • Lead engineer on WebFront small business web based management solution
  • Presented at various trade shows such as Linux Expo and ISP Con
  • Founding member of the community development portal
  • Amateur Photography, Mixed Martial Arts, Ice Hockey
  • Available upon request